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Following a summer vacation, Taft went on a cross-country speaking tour. In Boston, he lauded Aldrich’s leadership, rankling progressives who blamed the senator for stifling bolder reform. Then in Wisconsin, he snubbed top insurgent Republican Sen. “Fighting Bob” La Follette. But the biggest gaffe was yet to come. In populist Minnesota, hoping to provide cover to a conservative ally who had voted for Payne-Aldrich, Taft rigorously defended the compromise legislation in mind-numbing detail (if you ever thought Hillary Clinton’s speeches were too dry and wonky, you never saw Taft explain tariff schedules line-by-line). But while progressives wanted to hear Taft emphasize where he fell short and push for more reform, he instead declared, “the Payne tariff bill is the best tariff bill that the Republican Party ever passed” and so “we ought to give the present bill a chance.” Taft’s Cheap real ugg boot,defiant praise made progressives “fighting mad,” said Cummins, the low-tariff Iowa Republican who had joined the Senate and opposed Payne-Aldrich. And the law was a bust with the broader public, in part because Taft couldn’t, or wouldn’t, take on Big Wool—keeping the price of clothing artificially high. This created an opening for a comeback by Taft’s predecessor and political mentor. As noted by historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in “The Bully Pulpit,” The New York Times immediately discerned the political import of Taft’s speech: “Theodore Roosevelt’s good fortune has not deserted him … If he still cherishes an ambition to return to the White House, the part has been opened to him by President Taft.” Privately, Roosevelt was supportive of Payne-Aldrich. Cheap real uggs,But when he returned home from an African safari in 1910, he was soon taking the Times’ cue and exploiting disenchantment with Taft. With progressives squarely in his corner, Roosevelt challenged Taft for the 1912 Republican nomination. Once denied by the conservative Old Guard at the Republican convention, Roosevelt’s loyalists stormed out of the Chicago’s Congress Hotel, walked to Orchestra Hall, launched the Progressive Party and nominated Roosevelt for president. The party had broken.,ugg boots outlet, @ugg boot 78 695 @uggs got wet 431 @uggs rianne 98 @ugg boot toddler 58 @uggs for cheap 828