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The attack started midday during Friday Prayers when a bomb — mostly likely set off by a suicide bomber, according to security officials — ripped through Al Rawda mosque in Bir al-Abed, a small town 125 miles northeast of Cairo. As worshipers fled, they were confronted with group of gunmen who, witnesses said, had pulled up outside in a four-wheel-drive vehicles. Some of the gunmen rushed into the mosque, cheap ugg boots sale ukwhere they opened fire on the worshipers. Others waited outside, picking off those who had managed to flee. The gunmen lingered at the scene even as emergency workers arrived to treat the wounded, opening fire on several ambulances, Ahmed el-Ansari, a senior government health official, said on state television. Mayna Nasser, 40, who was shot twice in the shoulder, drifted in and out of consciousness as he was rushed to hospital. “My children were there, my children were there,” he said, according to Samy, the volunteer emergency medical worker who drove him there and who declined to give his last name.

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Samy, who spoke by phone, said the emergency services in Bir al-Abed were so overwhelmed that some of the wounded had to be transported to the hospital in the back of cattle truck. Many were taken to the general hospital in the El Arish, where medics described chaotic scenes as staff struggled to deal with a flood of dead of wounded. “They pretty much have bullets in every part of their bodies,” said one medical official, speaking by phone. Others had extensive burns or limbs lost from the explosion. “We are swamped,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We don’t know what to say. This is insane.”