uggs sale uk UGG Boots on Sale Discount Uggs sale cheap ugg boots cheap uggs Cheap Canada Goose Mercer had become a lightning rod for activists. One group had begun targeting Renaissance Technologies’ investors to encourage them to fire the money manager. Simons was less concerned about an investor revolt than he was about employee morale and recruitment, according to one of the people. The firm received a net $1 billion in inflows this month. In a memo sent last week to employees to announce his resignation as co-CEO and member of the board, Mercer said he sold his stake in Breitbart News to his daughters. He also said that he was "mistaken to have supported" Milo Yiannopoulos, a former Breitbart writer, and was severing ties with him because statements by Yiannopoulos have caused "pain and divisiveness." While Simons has never said anything publicly about Mercer’s political views, he has expressed his own opinions about Trump. At a speech in New York City in late October, Simons said “I think it’s basically terrible that we have a president remotely like our current president. We’ve had some doozies but never of that caliber.”,ugg boots outlet, @ugg boots yahoo 952 @uggs headquarters 129 @ugg boot new york 662 @uggs for less 198 @uggs sandals 326